Rice Mill Tours

Rice’s story, from the field to the table, with risotto tasting

Agricolture, technology and taste await you in the Rice Mill!

A guided tour to discover the secrets behind a good rice

The Antica Riseria Tarantola della Bruciata organizes, for a minimum of 25 people and by appointment, tours for adults and children to discover the history of rice: a voyage which retraces all the steps a grain of rice takes on its voyage from the fields to the table. After watching an introductory movie, visitors will put on safety garments and will be escorted through the processing area by Staff that will detail all stages of processing. At the end of the tour, get ready for a risotto tasting prepared by the chef.

Mill Processing

Quality Control

Packaging and Distribution

Delights for Your Palate

After seeing all the rice processing steps, it will be time to discover the recipes of the rice mill Chef, who, from the glass kitchen, will prepare a tasting of several traditional Lombard risottos selecting only the best seasonal ingredients. A selection of dishes to discover and appreciate the wide variety of this cereal grain.

A Long Tradition For Quality

When in 1160 Barbarossa besieged the city of Milan, he put on fire the surrounding area. It was this event that gave its name "Bruciata" to the current location near Albairate. While flames advanced, only the old mill resisted as it was surrounded by a watercourse. Since 1910, the mill has been in the hands of the Tarantola Family who has planted the rice mill. Today, Riseria Tarantola is one of the most renowned companies in the abbiatense region and is an internationally renowned brand for the goodness of its rice, as well as organic and biodynamic products.

A Rice for Every Taste

For over a century, the Antica Riseria Tarantola della Bruciata (Albairate - Milan) has been selecting the best rice varieties cultivated in the surrounding countryside. Tarantola Rice are created through a modern and thoughtful process, and range from the classic rice for risotto to those for rice salads; without forgetting brown rice and the new organic line. Discover all these local products in the retail outlet, directly from the producer to the consumer.

Retail Outlet

Inside its retail outlet, Riseria Tarantola offers a selection of the best products produced locally. In addition to the Tarantola brand rice, the rice mill chooses products (both sweet and salty) crafted by local companies. The common denominator is always a superior quality with a straight link between the producer and the consumer. Opening hours:

from Monday to Friday: 8:30 - 12:30 - 14:30 - 18:30

Saturday: 8:00 - 12:30

Antica Riseria Tarantola della Bruciata

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20080 - Albairate (MI) - ITALY

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